Not everyone knows what all that goes into making a wedding film,

and that's because not everyone works with a videographer

everyday (unless you're a Steven Spielberg, I guess!)


Here are just a few of the questions I get the most.

If you have any others, feel free to include them in your email! 

What’s a highlight and whats a doc or personal edit?

A highlight is what I like to compare to the trailer you see on TV for a movie while the documentary styled edit is the movie. The highlight is short, sweet and shareable, and showcases the best parts of the day along with your vows and maybe some clips of really great speeches. The documentary styled film expands on all those things plus some. Longer pieces of your first dances, clips of every speech, your cake cutting, and all that good stuff!

What do you film?
Everything! We film as if you’re getting it all just in case down the road you decide you actually do want it all.

How many videographers?
2, Evan and Myself! Evan is a good stress reliever as you can make fun of him all day, as much as you want.

Having two videographers helps get more angles of everything and capture two different things at once.

How long will it take to get our film(s)?
The highlight will take 1-2 weeks to finish. The rest depends on how many films you get and how long they are. But I’ve never taken longer than 3 months (knock on wood).

How do you pick the music?
I use licensed music so that there’s no copyright issues. I pick the song(s) based on how your day went and whatever matches the mood best.

What if we just get the silver collection but decide we want the speeches later on?
I get this question a ton actually. Good news, we film everything as if you’re getting everything! We also keep your raw footage for a year so that if you decide you want more down the road, you can simply ask! For example, you just received your highlight film and have decided you'd also like the speeches, let me know and we can easily work it out! 

(or, just make some of your own FAQs)