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Associate and Second Shooter


Stress Reliever

(for the brides needing a good joke or two)

As Obi-Wan said, “In my experience there is no such thing as luck.” Evan and I feel the same way about getting the perfect shots on your wedding day. We don’t just cross our fingers and hope for a great film. We genuinely love storytelling, and we go into every ceremony and reception intent on capturing moments no one else notices at the time. Each piece comes together during the editing process to create a consistent through-line that reflects your wedding day and love story at large.


We each have years of individual film experience and have been working as a team for four years and counting. I serve as Creative Director and Lead Filmmaker of Bradley Toms Visuals, and Evan is my trusted second (sometimes associate) shooter. More coverage, additional angles, and the ability to be in two places at once are among the many benefits of having two videographers on-site on your wedding day. In addition to sharing a passion for videography—definitely a prerequisite for going into business as a filmmaker—our shooting style (and sense of humor) blends seamlessly. I’m tempted to insert a #HumbleBrag here, but instead I’ll take this opportunity to share what previous clients have said about their experience with Bradley Toms Visuals.


“Bradley did an amazing job capturing our wedding day. His communication was great and with little to no instruction, he surpassed anything I could have ever imagined when I got my wedding video back! He made sure to catch every aspect of our special day and not only caught the major events of the day, but also the little moments that my husband and I shared and our playful and quirky relationship with each other.”


—Kenzie L., Abbott Manor, Temecula

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